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WMA Downloads

Track Listing
1. Mienai Hoshi
2. Cry No More
3. Black & Blue
4. All Hands Together
5. My Sugar Cat
6. Dance With The Devil
7. 祈念歌
8. Yogoreta Hana
9. Going Back Home
10. Joy
11. Crying Soul
12. I Love You (Album Version)
13. What A Wonderful World


The End
Track Listing
1. Hitoiro [Download] 2.48mb
3. Glamorous Sky [Download] 2.06mb
4. Blowing Out [Download] 1.60mb
5. My Medicine [Download] 1.68mb
6. Neglest Mind [Download] 1.83mb
7. Real World [Download] 1.92mb
8. Isolation [Download] 2.19mb
9. Blood [Download] 2.16mb
10. Hitoiro <ALTAnative> [Download] 2.37mb
11. My Way [Download] 2.00mb

Track Listing
1. Amazing Grace '05 [Download] 1.91mb
2. Stars (New Vocal '05) [Download] 2.82mb
3. Crescent Moon [Download] 1.98mb
4. Will [Download] 2.49mb
5. Resistance
6. Aishiteru
7. Love Addict [Download] 3.36mb
8. Find The Way [Download] 2.52mb
9. Yuki no Hana [Download] 2.64mb
10. Seven [Download] 2.06mb
11. Oborozukiyo ~Inori [Download] 2.79mb
12. Legend (Main) [Download] 2.68mb
13. Sakurairo Mau Koro [Download] 2.29mb
14. Glamorous Sky [Download] 2.06mb

Track Listing
1. Sakurairo Mau Koro [Download] 2.29mb
2. Oborozukiyo ~Inori [Download] 2.79mb
3. Hi no Tori [Download] 2.12mb
4. Kumo no Ito [Download] 2.75mb
5. Rocking Horse [Download] 1.70mb
6. Carrot & Whip [Download] 2.49mb
7. Shadows Of You [Download] 2.06mb
8. Legend (Main) [Download] 2.68mb
9. Hemurokku [Download] 3.12mb
10. Seven [Download] 2.06mb
11. Fake [Download] 2.43mb
12. Fed Up [Download] 2.83mb
13. Hitori [Download] 2.73mb


Track Listing
1. Venus In The Dark [Download] 2.81mb
2. Love Addict [Download] 3.36mb
3. Aroma [Download] 2.91mb
4. Yuki no Hana [Download] 2.64mb
5. Resistance (Album Version) [Download] 2.26mb
6. Find The Way [Download] 2.52mb
7. Marionette [Download] 2.43mb
8. Seppun [Download] 2.80mb
9. You Send Me Love [Download] 2.30mb
10. Be In Silence [Download] 2.61mb
11. Love No Cry [Download] 2.44mb
12. Aishiteru (Album Version) [Download] 2.58mb
13. Last Waltz [Download] 1.93mb

Track Listing
1. Amazing Grace (Album Version) [Download] 1.76mb
2. Will (Album Version) [Download] 2.55mb
3. One Survive (Album Version) [Download] 2.24mb
4. Heaven On Earth [Download] 1.83mb
5. Destiny's Lotus [Download] 1.85mb
6. Helpless Rain [Download] 2.50mb
7. I [Download] 2.12mb
8. Tears (Konayuki ga Mau you ni) [Download] 3.14mb
9. True Eyes [Download] 1.92mb
10. Crescent Moon [Download] 1.98mb
11. Just Trust In Our Love (Album Version) [Download] 2.20mb
12. Stars (Album Version) [Download] 2.84mb
13. A Miracle For You [Download] 2.96mb

Mienai Hoshi
Track Listing
1. Mienai Hoshi
2. I Love You
Track Listing
1. Hitoiro [Download] 2.48mb
2. Hitoiro (Instrumental) [Download] 2.48mb
3. Eyes For The Moon
4. Eyes For The Moon (Instrumental) [Download] 1.69mb
My Sugar Cat
Track Listing
1. My Sugar Cat [Download] 2.40mb
2. Koishikute [Download] 2.72mb
3. My Sugar Cat (Instrumental) [Download] 2.39mb
4. Koishikute (Instrumental) [Download] 2.70mb
All Hands Together
Track Listing
1. All Hands Together [Download] 2.75mb
2. What A Wonderful World (English) [Download] 1.37mb
3. All Hands Together (Instrumental) [Download] 2.69mb
Cry No More
Track Listing
1. Cry No More [Download] 2.15mb
2. Black & Blue [Download] 1.88mb
3. Cry No More (Instrumental) [Download] 2.16mb
4. Black & Blue (Instrumental) [Download] 1.87mb
Glamorous Sky
Track Listing
1. Glamorous Sky [Download] 2.06mb
2. My Medicine (English)
3. Blood [Download] 2.16mb
4. Isolation [Download] 2.19mb
5. Glamorous Sky (Instrumental) [Download] 2.06mb
6. My Medicine (Instrumental) [Download] 1.67mb
Track Listing
1. Hitori (Single Version) [Download] 2.74mb
2. Hitori (Album Version) [Download] 2.73mb
3. Hitori (Endroll Version) [Download] 2.33mb
4. Hitori (Single Version Instrumental) [Download] 2.72mb
Sakurairo Mau Koro
Track Listing
1. Sakurairo Mau Koro [Download] 2.29mb
2. Sakurairo Mau Koro (Acoustic Version) [Download] 2.25mb
3. Sakurairo Mau Koro (Instrumental) [Download] 2.29mb
Track Listing
1. Legend (Main) [Download] 2.68mb
2. Legend (Original) [Download] 2.52mb
3. Fake [Download] 2.43mb
4. Carrot & Whip [Download] 2.49mb
5. Legend (Instrumental) [Download] 2.67mb
Oborozukiyo ~Inori (Mini-Album)
Track Listing
1. Oborozukiyo ~Inori [Download] 2.79mb
2. Sara [Download] 2.28mb
3. Tsuki no Sabaku [Download] 3.10mb
4. Yuki no Hana (Silent Version) [Download] 2.75mb
5. Oborozukiyo ~Inori (Acoustic Mix) [Download] 2.37mb
6. Sara (Jazztronik Remix) [Download] 2.88mb
7. Oborozukiyo ~Inori (instrumental) [Download] 2.79mb
Hi no Tori
Track Listing
1. Hi no Tori [Download] 2.12mb
2. Missing [Download] 2.02mb
3. Hi no Tori (Instrumental) [Download] 2.11mb
Track Listing
1. Seven [Download] 2.06mb
2. Seven (Coldfeet Remix) [Download] 3.49mb
3. Venus In The Dark (Coldfeet Remix) [Download] 2.25mb
4. Seven (Instrumental) [Download] 2.06mb
Yuki no Hana
Track Listing
1. Yuki no Hana [Download] 2.64mb
2. Yuki no Hana (Acoustic) [Download] 1.68mb
3. Yuki no Hana (Reggae Disco Rockers Flower's Mix) [Download] 2.81mb
4. Yuki no Hana (Instrumental) [Download] 2.62mb
Find The Way
Track Listing
1. Find The Way [Download] 2.52mb
2. Find The Way (Instrumental) [Download] 2.53mb
3. Seppun (At-tica Remix) [Download] 2.56mb
4. Find The Way (Jamaals Manatee Mix By The Orb) [Download] 2.55mb
Track Listing
1. Seppun [Download] 2.80mb
2. Seppun (Yard Style Mix) [Download] 2.62mb
3. Seppun (Dennis Bovell Love Dub #2) [Download] 2.80mb
4. Seppun (Instrumental) [Download] 2.78mb
Love Addict
Track Listing
1. Love Addict [Download] 3.36mb
2. Be In Silence [Download] 2.61mb
3. Aroma (Live) [Download] 2.91mb
4. Love Addict (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix) [Download] 3.54mb
5. Love Addict (Instrumental) [Download] 3.33mb
Track Listing
1. Aishiteru [Download] 2.58mb
2. Marionette [Download] 2.43mb
3. The Rose [Download] 2.11mb
4. Aishiteru (Jazztronik Remix) [Download] 3.55mb
5. Aishiteru (Instrumental) [Download] 2.55mb
Resistance (Mini-Album)
Track Listing
1. Resistance [Download] 2.25mb
2. Heaven On Earth (EP Version) [Download] 1.83mb
3. Aroma [Download] 2.91mb
4. Last Waltz [Download] 1.93mb
5. Stars (Live Unplugged) [Download] 3.32mb
6. Resistance (Instrumental) [Download] 2.25mb
Track Listing
1. Will
2. Just Trust In Our Love [Download] 1.88mb
3. Will (Instrumental) [Download] 2.48mb
4. Just Trust In Our Love (Instrumental) [Download] 1.87mb
Helpless Rain
Track Listing
1. Helpless Rain [Download] 2.50mb
2. Helpless Rain (But I’m Fallin’ Too Deep) [Download] 2.40mb
3. Destiny’s Lotus (Version) [Download] 1.80mb
4. Helpless Rain (Instrumental) [Download] 2.49mb
One Survive
Track Listing
1. One Survive [Download] 2.26mb
2. True Eyes [Download] 1.92mb
3. Crescent Moon (Gonga Massive Version) [Download] 2.12mb
4. One Survive (Intrumental) [Download] 2.25mb
5. True Eyes (Intrumental) [Download] 1.91mb
Crescent Moon
Track Listing
1. Crescent Moon [Download] 1.98mb
2. Destiny's Lotus [Download] 1.85mb
3. Amazing Grace [Download] 2.19mb
4. Crescent Moon (Instrumental) [Download] 2.00mb
5. Destiny's Lotus (Instrumental) [Download] 1.84mb
Track Listing
1. Stars [Download] 2.84mb
2. Tears [Download] 3.14mb
3. Stars (Instrumental) [Download] 2.84mb
4. Tears (Instrumental) [Download] 3.19mb
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